Micro Monday Extra: Interviewing @dougbeal at the XOXO Festival in an AirstreamTrailer

This is a special extra edition of Micro Monday, recorded at the XOXO Festival with Doug Beal. The interview was recorded in an Airstream Trailer, the mobile podcast and storytelling studio provided by StreamPDX. It was a fun experience, and I thank Doug for being the guinea pig and doing a live recording on a moment’s notice.

Foolscap Convention, February 1-3, 2019, Seattle, WA

“Foolscap is a new kind of convention. We bring together writers, artists, fans, thinkers and makers to create a weekend-long conversation about the things that excite us. Everyone is interesting at Foolscap. By bringing together a community of diverse interests and experiences, we make a space where we all learn from each other.”

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