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🎙️ On this week’s episode of Micro Monday, Jean MacDonald welcomes Miraz Jordan back to the podcast to talk about her new project, How To Customise Miraz tells us how she went from a teaching career to creating her own business as an internet instructor and co-authoring a book on WordPress. Then we take a look at the new tutorials she’s created for customizing a blog on

Jean also wrote a blog post explaining how we approach curating the Discover section of

🎬 Film Fest Friday is here! Check out for the first post. If you’d like to post video to your blog, the iOS or macOS apps can handle everything for you, including upgrading your blog if needed.

💬 One of last week’s posts about writing started a discussion on about using journals. Thanks to @Cheri, @amoroso, @jamesloscombe, @cygnoir, and @smokey for participating. View the full conversation here. Halsted Bernard added:

I try to use the latest apps to write my first drafts, and always end up with a pen in hand. I love your idea of matching notebooks to the type of story I’m writing.

💬 David Sinclair wrote up his experience at Apple’s developer conference, including attending our meetup: is my preferred social network; the people there are generally more friendly than on Twitter, in large part to the way the service is designed, without casual likes, so people often reply with a more meaningful comment if they enjoy a post.

💬 Chris Wilson says you should sometimes risk looking foolish:

More convinced that being creative mean accepting occasionally (or frequently) looking foolish. Doing something that might not work sometimes means it doesn’t work…but occasionally magic happens.

⭐ We’ve updated our iPhone app Wavelength to version 1.0.3. This minor update improves stability. Wavelength is a simple way to record, edit, and publish a short podcast.

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