Newsletter: New photos page

There was no Micro Monday newsletter last week, so this week we have several new features to highlight.

πŸ“· There’s a new built-in photos page for blogs, showing a grid of photo thumbnails. Manton has the details here on his blog.

⭐ We added a “Copy HTML” button next to each of your photos under Posts β†’ Uploads, to make it easier to copy a reference to that photo and paste it into a blog post draft.

Screenshot of Copy HTML

πŸŽ™οΈ has been updated to support the new categories that Apple added to their podcast directory last week. If your podcast is hosted on, click Posts β†’ Design to see the list of categories.

πŸ› After a LinkedIn API change, could no longer automatically cross-post your blog posts to LinkedIn. We’ve now got that bug fixed.

πŸ’¬ Neat idea with screenshot from @tiffany to organize Overcast playlists based on days of the week:

Trying out a new playlist structure in Overcast. No longer a night owl, can’t be. I don’t do too much news; it’s oft depressing with little benefit besides raising my blood pressure. So instead I read RSS and listen to podcasts.

πŸ“† People on who post a photo every day end up with an amazing collection of photos on their own blogs. Just a few of the folks I’ve noticed posting daily photos: @pip, @johnpeterharvey, @JezB, and @dejus.

If you have any questions or feedback, let us know:

Micro Monday @monday

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