Newsletter: Episode 70 of the podcast

🎙️ On episode 70 of Micro Monday, Jean talks with @adders about when he first discovered blogging, the impact of social media on journalism, and the value of being able to easily share something:

Random glimpses into humanity all over the place, doing different things, living different lives – I think that’s a wonderful antidote for the polarization we see in many places now.

⭐ Sunlit was updated to version 2.5.7 with a new round of bug fixes and improvements. You can download it for free in the App Store for a photos-only view of

💬 We love having an archive of conversations with the community. @Gabz has been going back to listen to older episodes:

After been around in the community for a little while, it is kind of cool to go back and listen to old episodes of the Micro Monday podcast 😊

💬 @bsag blogged about seeing the morning sky while driving and not being able to take a photo:

There was a heavy mist lying on the fields and wrapping the trees like a comfort blanket. The rising sun lit up the drops of dew on the grass like fairy lights. Everything was distilled but diffuse and shining.

💬 Inktober is still happening! @adders likes all the new sketches appearing in the timeline:

Inktober is one of my favourite “internet challenges”. It fills my feeds with such interesting and varied images.

💬 Twitter has a polls feature, but it doesn’t work in third-party apps. Sometimes an old-fashioned poll is best where people can answer beyond a few specific choices, like this question from @Burk with dozens of replies:

Do you use a case for your phone?

📷 @adactio was at IndieWebCamp Brighton and posted photos of pre-conference planning and a conference session.

📷 Did you know that automatically creates a photos page of thumbnails for your blog? It’s like an Instagram profile, but at your own domain name. You can see an example here on @manton’s blog.

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