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⭐ now offers domain name registration! If you don’t have a domain name yet for your microblog, let handle everything for you. No configuration required.

🎙️ The guest on this week’s Micro Monday podcast is @yorrike:

Jean induces him to talk a bit about his specialty in geology, meteorites, which leads to a microcast-sized explanation of the origins of stars and planets, and how meteorites are dated.

🗺️ Want to post your location check-ins to your microblog? We’ve improved’s support for OwnYourSwarm, which will read your Foursquare/Swarm check-ins automatically.

💬 NaNoWriMo has started for anyone who wants to try to write a novel in November. @cheri has a blog post about preparing with the right mindset:

Writing is work, right? It’s work in the same way that going to your day job is work. If you put in the time and make an effort, you’ll make it through and you’ll improve your skills over time. And because we learn by writing, not by worrying about our writing, action is what matters.

💬 Don’t have time for 50,000 words? Start small with Microblogvember. @macgenie picks a new prompt word each day to incorporate into your microblog post:

In the spirit of other challenges, you can do any variation of this that suits you: write something inspired by the word, write a longer post and link to it, etc. But I’ve made the basic instruction as simple as possible, so it’s fun while helping you flex that writing muscle and establish a daily writing habit.

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