Newsletter: The book Indie Microblogging

📚 This week I want to start with something big: the book Indie Microblogging. It will be published on the web in January, and you can preview the table of contents and pre-order it now. (You won’t be charged until it is released.)

💬 The feed reader Inoreader has been updated with a new design for microblog posts and special support for feeds:

So we took the extra mile and extended our feed parser to read additional author metadata whenever available and also added a custom parser for JSON feeds extensions.

💬 @1pairofshoes turned the Microblogvember prompt “company” into a post about thinking of others this week:

We are headed in a holiday week in the US. That means company. For many, either we get to have company, or get to be company. Hosts need to be gracious. Guests need to be grateful. Remember those who don’t get to be guest or host.

💬 @smokey publishes This Week in with featured posts and photos you might have missed. Among his links this week is this post from @kimberlyhirsh:

You are worthy of love, whether you love yourself or not, and the people who love you will love you when you think you’re great and when you’re very down on yourself.

🦃 Happy Thanksgiving to everyone celebrating on Thursday, and to everyone else I hope you have a great week too! Thank you for supporting and giving us the opportunity to keep making it better.

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