Newsletter: New podcast and photo challenge

Welcome back to the Micro Monday email newsletter! After a break for the holidays, we’re looking forward to sharing more about the latest news and posts from the community.

🎙️ On this week’s Micro Monday podcast, Jean MacDonald talks with Jan Erik Moström:

Jan Erik Moström is a computer science professor in Umeå, Sweden, as well as an avid photographer with an interest in martial arts. We talk about the talented photographers on, how the geographic diversity of the platform has grown, and why Jan Erik likes Hugo.

🎙️ The transcripts for several recent episodes of Micro Monday are now online, including last month’s interview with Amanda Rush. Amanda says to Jean:

So my work is helping other people, and that could be anybody from website owners to plug-in authors for WordPress, theme authors, et cetera, to make their stuff accessible for everyone. Not just for people with disabilities, because accessibility is actually beneficial to everybody else as well.

📷 We’re 10 days in to the 30-day photo challenge. To participate, just post a photo to your microblog. If you post 30 days in a row, you’ll unlock a special pin on your account.

📷 Here are just a few of the photos posted recently for the challenge prompts “lull” and “sign”. Thanks @poetalegre, @kitt, @TheDimPause, and @dominikhoecht! See the Discover photos section for more photos.

@poetalegre @kitt @TheDimPause @dominikhoecht

📆 If you’re in the Austin area, mark your calendar for IndieWebCamp Austin 2020, February 22-23 at Capital Factory. founder Manton Reece will be there all weekend. You can register for just $10.

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