Newsletter: Gluon 1.0 and IndieWebCamp Austin

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🤖 Gluon 1.0 is now available for iOS and Android. This is the first cross-platform mobile app for It features multiple accounts, post drafts, and more.

📆 IndieWebCamp Austin is this weekend. We’ve announced the keynote speakers: Natalie Hester, Pace Smith, and Aaron Parecki. If you’re in Austin but can’t make IndieWebCamp, we’ll also have a Micro Meetup on Friday.

⭐ You can now take your replies to other people’s posts and host them at your own domain name on For example, see Manton’s replies or our help page.

📷 We’ve crossed the halfway mark for the February photo challenge! Photos for the challenge are highlighted in the Discover section of

💬 Ron Guest blogged that he’s glad the photo challenge isn’t actually a competition:

It dawned me today that if the M.b photo challenge had any sort of contest element, like “we’ll feature the best photos each day”, I would never have participated. I’m glad it is just a sharing event.

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