Newsletter: Musicians on and Greg McVerry interview

This week in the newsletter, we have podcasts, a site for musicians on, new videos, and posts from the community.

🎙️ For Micro Monday this week, Jean MacDonald talks to Greg McVerry about the upcoming IndieWeb Summit in Portland, commonplace books, and more.

🎙️ Manton Reece has resumed his Timetable microcast. The latest episode covers preparing this newsletter and server upgrades.

🎸 Jacob Gorban has created a new site for connecting musicians on There’s a list of what instruments people play, their username, and a short bio.

🎬 Film Fest Friday returns! In the 2nd week, we highlight nature videos.

💬 Jean wrote a longer blog post about how Micro Monday was inspired by the Follow Friday convention from Twitter, to help discover new people on

We also wanted to encourage people to think a bit differently, and rather than recommending a long list of Twitter handles (which I rarely clicked through because it was too much work to figure out who to follow), we strongly suggested that a Micro Monday post consist of one recommendation plus a short description of why someone would want to follow that person.

💬 Vega started a discussion about whether could take inspiration from LiveJournal’s community blogs:

Everyone already has a personal blog/domain. Perhaps there can be a way of creating the M.B equivalent of LJ’s “community blog” — a particular topic specified by user(s), which other bloggers can then “post” under. The blogger still owns their post on their blog, but M.B can congregate them based on these user-specified topics.

💬 Jason Becker had a blog post on the problem with prequels:

A good author starts their story at the most interesting point. Good fiction is rarely a biography of its characters, starting at the beginning and covering the most mundane details of their lives. Stories always start in the middle, and they start in the best middle, just as the most interesting events unfold that lead to change.

💬 Richard Leis created a web page for books he’s reading:

Inspired by @rnv and others, I created a page on my website about what I’m reading and what I’ve finished reading recently.

💬 Robert van Vliet posted an update on the progress of tracking books to be read:

It has encouraged me to actively engage in reading poetry almost every day, and it’s also made me realize just how difficult it can be to do something you love. If I struggle to find time to read poetry, then how much harder is it for people with a far more casual relationship to it?

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