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Welcome to another Micro Monday email newsletter. If you’ve recently joined, thank you! This week we’ll recap some software updates and news from the community.

⭐ We updated for iOS to version 1.7.1 with several bug fixes, including updating more screens for Dark Mode on iOS 13. Download it in the App Store.

⭐ 1.9.1 for macOS was released with a bug fix for macOS 10.15 Catalina. “Check for Updates” to grab the latest version.

🎙️ On the last episode of our Micro Monday podcast:

Jeannie McGeehan visits with Jean to talk about how she found (The New Yorker article), her Etsy store with handmade soaps made for shaving, how the Like button ruined social media, and her blogging journey.

🎙️ We launched podcast hosting with a focus on short episodes because we thought it would encourage people to try new formats without the pressure of recording longer shows —podcasts like this one from Patrick Rhone, who last week posted a particularly unique episode:

A little something different. No words. Just the soothing sound of my 1907 Underwood No. 5.

📷 There was a meetup of microbloggers at the Release Notes conference in Cancun. Great to see so many people make it!

📷 @dejus also attended Release Notes and posted photos of sessions and from the beach.

🎨 Inktober is underway! You can follow recent sketches in the special Inktober section of Discover. Post a sketch this month with the word “Inktober” anywhere in the microblog post to unlock a pin on your account.

💬 @jeannie started a great discussion about when to reply, emoji reactions, and more with this post:

Have you ever wanted to comment on someone’s post but you just can’t seem to find the right words to not sound like an idiot so you just don’t comment at all?

🚫 Facebook has not re-approved our API access, so we’ve had to remove the cross-posting feature that sends posts from your blog to Facebook. Manton writes on his blog about why it’s a good time to say goodbye to Facebook.

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