76: A New Year's Eve Retrospective (2019)

Like last year when I covered Episodes 1-10, I took advantage the quiet time between Christmas and New Year’s to gather up some clips from Episodes 11-20. If you’re new to the podcast, here’s another great starting point.

All the best to this wonderful community in 2020. xoxo

11: Mike Haynes (@mikehaynes)
12: Smokey Ardisson (@smokey)
13: Fiona Voss (@fiona)
14: Jim Withington (@jw)
15: Chris Powell (@mnmltek)
16: Vanessa Hamshere (@vanessa)
17: Eli Mellen (@eli)
18: Eddie Hinkle (@EddieHinkle)
19: Jason Dettbarn (@endonend)
20: Jason Burk (@Burk)

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